Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Water Fun day

On the 7 of February
from 9 o'clock to ll.

The first activity Kauri and kowhai went to was the obstacle course. They first had to fill a cup full of water cover the top with their hand to prevent the water from tipping out,Crawl under a bench, then rush to the coloured buckets and back. Mrs Tofa blew the whistle signaling us to move onto the next activity. Rata, Kauri, Nikau and Kowhai walked up the hill, towards Mrs Parker who’s  activity was the Water Slide, Members of Rata and Nikau slid down the water slide first with another cup of water to pour into the coloured bucket.After the water slide , They moved onto the Zig - Zag race, then the sponge activity.The title of activities were explained perfectly so theres no need for explaining. Through the legs was the next activity. All you needed to was to put the sponge in the bucket of water and run it through your legs to the coloured bucket, then the person who had the sponge last goes to the front of the row. All four groups finally reached their last activity which was walk the plank. Its similar to the obstacle course, but instead of crawling under it you walk over it.