Tuesday, 27 May 2014

On Monday 26th of May rooms 9 and 10 went on a trip to Long Bay Regional Park, to learn about living creatures in rock pools. We assembled  under the shelter, and went with our guide for the day.
Each group was given a white tray to collect whatever we found in the rockpools. Salelei found a cushion starfish and crabs. I found a spiral starfish, it was cool. The wind blew sand into my face, as I walked back to the shelter. A dead jellyfish  lay dead on the sand. It was white and rubbery. It was a awesome day, and I was tired.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Fishing Rules - Chart

WALT apply measurements about quota size
SUCCESS CRITERIA. We will create a tool to help people identify legal sizes of fish and shellfish.

Insert Photo Here

photo 2.JPG

Explain what you have made, and learned here.

First I measured a line, then I drew a fish around the line. Then I wrote the measurements, after that I drew some shellfish and wrote the measurements to them.

MARKING RUBRIC - Highlight the level YOU think you have achieved.

Achieved - L2
Merit - l3
Proficient - l4
level of information
Correct information for 3 types of seafood.
Correct information for 6 types of seafood
Correct information for 6+ types of seafood: those from the sheet and your own research

All measurements are correct.
All measurements are correct and diagram includes images of the seafood
All measurements are correct, includes images of the seafood and is visually appealing.

Friday, 16 May 2014

All the soldiers
Zealand they were protecting
All the families
Can’t be together anymore

Death if they were shot
Anzac Day every
Year to remember the people who died .